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The Catastrophic History of You and Me - Jess Rothenberg it's really weird how an ending can change your perspective of a book, but seeing as i spent the majority of this book not being able to stand either brie (and the overuse of italicised thoughts when the book's already in her pov) or patrick (pet names... i get it) or the cheese quotes or the way brie was dealing with life (the conclusions she jumped to were way harsh and over the top imo)... it's weird how my mental rating of it zoomed up from a 1 to at least a 3. i suppose my ratings have always been incredibly reliant on how coming out of the book makes me feel.i liked the revelation of what was actually going on with jacob and sadie; loved it, actually, because this book didn't go down the whole 'ex-boyfriend is a total douchebag who deserves everything that's coming to him' route. instead, jess rothenberg made her characters human. brie did bad things, but a big part of the story was that it wasn't always about her.so yeah. some of the bad: a) i couldn't get into brie's voice. b) the romance didn't really speak to me as much as it was thrust upon me from the start, and i didn't feel much for it.i did feel a lot for the characters, though, and i'm glad i didn't rage-quit because there were a few times i wanted to so bad.